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Welcome to the practice of Dr. Jerilyn Wolman Ph.D.

1620 East Broad Street, Suite 109 Columbus, Ohio 43203 –2012
Telephone  614-252-5151
Fax  614-706-4118

Individual therapy (+18)

Couples Therapy

Individual therapy (+18)

Couples Therapy

Welcome. My Name is Jeri Wolman

The primary focus of my forty-one years in practice is helping adults and couples deal with the impact of trauma on their lives. The trauma can be, related to a single event like a serious accident or illness, the result of abuse in childhood and/ or in adult relationships, or the loss of a loved one.

Because our mind/body is one unit, trauma, and its aftermath, is experienced both emotionally and physically.   Among the possible consequences of trauma are a deterioration in physical health, including the development or worsening of chronic illness, a decreased capacity to comfortably form and sustain close relationships, and the ability to trust that one has a degree of control in her/his everyday life.

In helping clients resolve the psychological pain of their experience(s), I work with physicians and other healthcare professionals to coordinate care, increasing the likelihood of a decrease of symptoms, and hopefully a resolution of their emotional pain. Sometimes,  coordinated care means referring clients to a psychiatrist for medication management. Medication is an adjunct to psychotherapy that can lessen the client’s symptoms and enable her/him to more easily deal with the issues that brought them into treatment.

I use a variety of therapeutic models to guide my work, among them are cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness/meditation, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The client’s needs to determine the approach. There is no right size fits all.

I strive to help clients dealing with these painful issues in an environment that is safe, supportive, warm, and free of judgment.

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1620 E. Broad St. Suite 109, Columbus OH 43203